Virtual Photo Walks/Tanize Suspension Bridge Japan

With Photographer Hiroshi Hayashi and interpreter Nagahori Noriko at “Tanize no Tsurihashi (Tamize Suspension Bridge)” Location: Nara pref. Totsukawa city. We saw 360 degree panorama mountain view or thrilling view to look down the river from the bridge. The Tanize Suspension Bridge, one of Japan's longest steel-wire suspension bridges, is located in the Tanize/Uenoji area in northern Totsukawa. It was built in 1954 and is 54 m high and 297 m long. Each family in the village donated 3,000 dollars to the construction. The money collected from the villagers totaled 80,000 dollars from people in region. It is a popular sightseeing spot now. Tourists can experience nature and thrills. Yuredaiko (the drums on the shaking bridge) is an event held on August 4 ever year. The team that performs on that day is called Kodama and they put on a powerful show of Japanese drums. Many people gather on that day to see the performance.With Using lens. バーチャル·フォト·ウォーク日本は、障害、病気、その介護等の理由で外出できない人々に、名勝や美しい景色をストリームし、闘病や介護の苦痛を軽減してもらうチャリティーです。

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