Equipment Solutions: What you need. 

Smart phone with front & rear camera.

Data plan and you can afford to burn 100 to 200 MB of it, doing about a 30 min stream to G+ hangout.

If you are coming up to your billing date for your data plan then use it up helping us.

I used a Iphone 4 with Phone Holder for Iphone 4-4s because I shoot VR and had one. Available for Iphone 5 soon.


If you need other ways to mount a smart phone and don't need the VR option, here are a couple of solutions.

Hot Shoe Adapter   You will need an hot shoe adapter.

Smart Phone users here are some links to mount your Smart Phone

Phone Holder

Phone Holder   SlingShot 

Phone Holded istabilizer

Hot Shoe Adapter Amazon

Phone Holder Amazon

Camera L Bracket UK Amazon

If you are really having a problem mounting you phone to your camera this link will take you to a proven solution that never fails. Duct Tape

Here is the setup Jared Budlong used at the the +USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park +Virtual Photo Walks™ last month.

I was using a D90 with a video flash bracket  (allowing multiple simultaneous hot-shoe positions).

I had my Samsung Galaxy Note mounted to the built-in hot-shoe of my D90. I was using a Zoom H2n for external audio capture.
SamsonTech »The H2n is Zoom's most innovative handheld audio recorder to date. This handy recorder is the first portable device to feature mid-side recording.